January 20, 2011 |

Police Blotter

Monday, Jan. 17

A caller reported having problems with two employees they just fired in town. An officer was advised and determined the individuals were not a threat.

A caller reported being harassed by another person at a downtown tavern. No charges were filed.

A caller reported no water pressure at their residence. Public works was advised.

Sunday, Jan. 16

An officer checked on an airport building that was unsecured, and secured it after ensuring everything was fine.

A caller reported a vehicle parked in a handicapped parking space in town. An officer responded and issued a ticket.

A caller requested a welfare check on a person who left their downtown apartment angry. An officer responded and located the person nearby.

A caller requested an officer’s assistance because they were not being allowed to leave a home with their children at 1 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded, and the caller and children were allowed to leave.

A caller reported their teenager left their downtown house during the night, after they had an argument. An officer responded, and the teenager returned home on his own.

Saturday, Jan. 15

An officer reported a box with wires by a light pole on Second Avenue. Alaska Power and Telephone responded.

A caller reported the telephones were not in service on Lutak. Alaska Power and Telephone was advised.

A person reported their vehicle broke down and was parked facing the wrong direction on First Avenue, but they would fix it.

A caller reported a person was stuck at 20 Mile Haines Highway and needed their family notified to assist them.

A person brought in a Tower Road street sign that was found blowing down the road. Public works was advised.

A caller reported red sparks coming out of a neighbor’s chimney on Young Road. The neighbor was notified and was aware of it.

Friday, Jan. 14

A caller requested a welfare check on a person in Haines. An officer responded and determined that the person was fine.

A caller requested assistance in contacting a family member. An officer responded, and the person was contacted.

A local store manager reported a customer had concealed merchandise. An officer responded and charged an individual with concealment of merchandise valued over $50, a Class A misdemeanor.

A caller reported seeing a person get into their vehicle to drive after drinking alcohol downtown. An officer responded and did not locate the vehicle.

A caller reported a tree down on Small Tracts Road. State road crews responded.

Thursday, Jan. 13

An officer received a complaint that a person was harassing a downtown business owner. The owner was given a protective order.

A caller reported a man had beaten up some females in Klukwan. An officer and state troopers were advised and responded. The reported victims were contacted, and they said there had been no assault.

Wednesday, Jan. 12

Motel owners were contacted when an officer found their metal roofing was about to blow off at 1 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller reported a chimney fire on Lutak Road. Fire department responded.

A caller reported their roommate was at their downtown house throwing things around and breaking them. Officers responded. The roommate was asked to leave, and the caller was given a protective order.

A caller requested money to get to Juneau. Ministerial services were contacted.

A caller reported fireworks going off in the Piedad area. An officer responded and did not locate any fireworks.

Tuesday, Jan. 11

A caller requested an officer to assist with an agitated person at SEARHC. Officer responded.

A caller reported their girlfriend started a fire in the bedroom of their house on FAA Road. Officer and fire department responded.

A caller reported the Alcan 200 sign hanging above Main Street had blown down part way and could be a driving hazard. Officer responded.

There were 23 medical calls and three calls about dogs.