January 20, 2011 |

Duly Noted

Heather, Chip, Christian, J.J., and Stoli Lende and Sarah and Caroline Elliott returned last week from a family vacation to Sayulita, Mexico. Sarah said the trip marked the first Lende family vacation in many years, and credited J.J. with making all the plans. Eliza Lende and Sarah’s husband Brian Elliott couldn’t make the trip. Highlights were walking on the beach, swimming in the pool at their rented house, reading books, and attended a Mexican circus. “It was glorious,” Sarah said. The Lendes ran into other Haines families vacationing in the small beach town, including Courtney, Darsie, Carver and Griffin Culbeck; Rich, Sara, Dylan, Sally, and Lucia Chapell; and former residents Dan, Niki and Annika Fitzgerald.

Frank Holmes suffered a heart attack several weeks ago while attending a bridge tournament in Reno, Nev. Frank spent two weeks in cardiac intensive care before moving to a rehabilitation center. Ramona Holmes said Frank is working on breathing on his own, learning to talk with a tracheotomy tube, and is hoping to taste food soon. He’ll undergo open heart surgery when he has gained sufficient strength. Letters can be sent to Frank Holmes, Tahoe Pacific Hospital West, Room 391, 235 W. 6th Street, Reno, Nev., 89503.

Former resident Sandra Schnabel of Oakland, Calif. visited three weeks with parents John and Erma Schnabel, sister Debra Schnabel, and brother and sister-in-law Roger and Nancy Schnabel. Sandra served as personal assistant, organizer, and caregiver for Erma, and enjoyed attending “Pizza Joe” Parnell’s humorous show at the Chilkat Center, visiting the library and dropping in on the Community Wellness Challenge. Sandra was the first to complete the “Iditaswim,” a fitness challenge at the Haines Pool. Participants swim a total of about 35 miles to finish the course, and their progress between Anchorage and Nome is logged on a map in the pool lobby. Sandra named her imaginary sled team the “Mukluks” in honor of deceased aunt Allie Cordes, who at one time owned a summer food cart called the Mukluk Hut.

Hospice of Haines has collected more than $8,600 in pledges from Kelly Hostetler’s 2010 Golden Circle Run fundraiser. Kelly ran the grueling 360 miles from Skagway to Haines in 12 days last September for the second time. She made the run for Hospice in 2009 with friend Melina Shields. Anyone who pledged support to the run but has not yet paid can mail a check to Hospice of Haines at P.O. Box 1034, Haines.

About 40 friends joined Sue Libenson Jan. 10 at the hockey rink in the Southeast Alaska State Fair’s Raven Arena for a skating party in honor of her 50th birthday. Paul Wheeler worked with volunteers over the weekend to make sure the ice was laid after the recent thaw. Bill Holton built an enormous bonfire that kept attendees warm when they shed skates to enjoy homemade chili and cornbread, and a birthday cake made by John Hirsch.

Former resident Constance Griffith has moved to a new elder care facility and would appreciate hearing from her Haines friends. Write her at the Good Samaritan Adult Family Home, 973 Lepori Way, Sparks, Nev., 89431.

The Haines Venturer Scouts will hold a pizza dinner fundraiser from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 22 in the school cafeteria. The money raised will help 11 students and four adult chaperones offset costs of a spring break mountaineering trip in Ecuador. Dinner of pizza, salad, dessert, and a beverage costs $8.

“It changes your life forever to travel internationally, especially to a third-world country,” said Scout leader Greg Podsiki. “(The students) get a whole different perspective on life. It really helps direct where they are going after high school. They’ll never forget it.” The group hopes to raise $500 more per person before their March 16 departure date.

Haines remains a hot extreme skiing destination in industry magazines, including the current edition of “The Ski Journal,” a Bellingham-based quarterly. A feature story profiles the rise of ski photographer Will Wissman, who made his professional breakthrough in Haines seven years ago. Photographs of Haines by Wissman include ones of the Small Boat Harbor covered in snow, a view of town from Picture Point, and four full-page shots of skiers – one of them resident Scott Sundberg – on mountains around Haines. “The more I travel, the more I realize how unique the town of Haines, AK is,” Wissman writes.