By CVN Staff 

Police Blotter


January 13, 2011

Monday, Jan. 10

A caller reported a vehicle parked on Main Street that had been there longer than the one-hour time limit. An officer was advised and contacted the owner of the vehicle.

Sunday, Jan. 9

A caller reported a fire alarm activated at a downtown warehouse. An officer responded, but it was a false alarm.

A caller reported an intoxicated person being disorderly at a west side apartment. An officer responded and took the person into protective custody.

Saturday, Jan. 8

A caller reported receiving a phone call that may have been a scam since the caller was trying to get money from them by claiming they could get sweepstake cash and a prize if they purchased something. An officer was advised.

Friday, Jan. 7

A caller reported their spouse was off their medication and had a knife. Officers responded and took the person into protective custody.

A caller reported property theft from a downtown business. An officer was advised.

Thursday, Jan. 6

A caller reported people dropping a vehicle off at the end of a residential road near the fairgrounds. The caller was concerned the vehicle would be abandoned at that location, but the owner had permission to bring the vehicle there and later moved it from the middle of the road.

Wednesday, Jan. 5

A caller reported they fell off a cliff on Mount Ripinsky and could not move. Search and rescue responded.

Tuesday, Jan. 4

A caller reported their gas was siphoned out of their vehicle at a downtown apartment complex while they were out of town.

There were 11 medical calls and three calls about dogs.



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