By CVN Staff 

Why not an Alaska-owned refinery?


January 6, 2011

Five-dollar-per-gallon gas is predicted for the lower states? What’s in store for Alaskans? If domestic terrorism on oil refineries interrupts supplies of refined petroleum, who will be last on the list to get some? Alaska. If international conflicts interrupt the supply of foreign crude oil, who’s going to be last on the priority list for a limited supply of refined petroleum? Alaska. If natural disasters like earthquakes interrupt the barging of rfined petroleum from destroyed ports, whose ship will sail last? Alaska’s.

I renew my imploring state leadership to build the all-Alaska oil refinery to take care of Alaskans with a portion of our crude oil treasure. Alaskans can and should take care of ourselves. Let’s secure many happy new years.

Already, our Native brothers and sisters are forced from their village homes to Anchorage or Fairbanks because they can’t afford the fuel that supports their lifestyle. Where will you go?

Jack Hodnik



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