January 6, 2011 |

Watershed council building bridges

Partnerships and collaborations are essential to any non-profit’s success.  Takshanuk Watershed Council would like to thank the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation for the work they do in our communities to support collaborations and partnerships among non-profits. TWC was blessed to receive support from the CVCF in 2009 to complete strategic planning and help build our capacity. I’m proud to announce that the funding not only helped us to identify the goals of the council for the next three years, but also helped us complete a new website at www.takshanuk.org.  It didn’t surprise me that our planning process identified the vital need to work in the community with individuals, businesses and other non-profits. I’m very proud of the role of TWC, building bridges among various groups working "across the lines." Perhaps it’s easy because the resources we are working to protect – our fisheries – sustain us all so directly. But we need every role filled, especially in such a small community. This year take some time to reflect on how our local non-profits enrich our lives. Remember them when you have a few extra hours in the week, when you are filling out your PFD application, or when they ask for your support. This community is such a blessing and I’m glad we all treasure it together. What work can we get done alone? What more can we do together?

Emily Cowles