January 6, 2011 |

Kelsall shows no signs of damage

In response to Eric Holle’s views on logging, habitat destruction from slides is complicated. Mud, snow and timber slides have different effects on different types of streams: narrow, wide, fast, and slow. Snow slides meet and wash out quickly and pose little problem. Mud slides dilute and wash out quickly in fast streams, such as the Kelsall, but build up and settle in slow streams.

Timber slides, very common in the lower Panhandle, can last for decades. A fast and narrow stream will wash out under the jam, inhibiting a fish run. A slow, wide stream will rechannel around the jam, as has been happening in the lower Kicking Horse as it erodes into standing timber. The Kelsall shows no signs of damage from any of these scenarios.

The Lower 48 runs were not ruined from logging, as Holle perpetuates the myth. They were ruined from multiple dams on 13 major salmon rivers from Washington to California.

Dave Werner