January 6, 2011 |

HAL designers, trustees negligent

HAL designers and trustees are negligent and so is the borough planning commission. Sure, HAL is a "good project," but what about the lowly, workaday, homeowner? Aren’t they just as worthy?

Mike and Lisa Denker are being treated like second-class citizens, plain and simple. Voting "no" and letting HAL appeal their sorry case to the borough assembly, our elected body, is the right thing to do. I hope the commission will reconsider and re-vote. (Construction timelines be damned.)

HAL’s encroachment degrades and diminishes Denker’s property value. The borough assembly must act, if the commission doesn’t reconsider. Either HAL purchases the encroachment property, pays for an "easement," or starts over. Surely HAL can swing it.

I applaud our commissioners’ valued community service, but not this caving to special interests. In this case, they have failed to uphold the rights of common citizens.

Burl Sheldon