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By CVN Staff 

Elks' drug message a double standard


November 11, 2010

On Oct. 25, my teenage daughters came home with pamphlets from a drug awareness program at school both "printed, distributed, and funded" by the Elks drug and alcohol awareness program that read "Marijuana: Medicine or Snake Oil?" and "Tips for Teens" about alcohol. There is definitely not room here for statistics or all the information on studies that show alcohol deaths vs. marijuana deaths, but it is something like alcohol over 200,000 per year, marijuana, 0. The problem I have is that these pamphlets were funded and distributed by an entity that sells alcohol for a profit and allows people who have purchased alcohol at the Elks Club to get into their vehicles and drive away. The Elks Club does many wonderful things for our community and is to be commended for their fundraisers and help in emergency situations, but they also sell alcohol, and there are also wonderful people who do wonderful things in this community who smoke pot. I would like to publicly challenge the leader of the Elks Club in Haines (or any affiliate) to a public debate on the "updated" medicinal uses of marijuana vs. the updated medicinal uses of alcohol. An entity that sells alcohol on a social level and then distributes a pamphlet reading "Tips for Teens" should include tip #1, "Wait until you’re 21 and you can come to the Elks Club to get drunk." The moral of this letter: "Do not throw rocks when you live in a glass house." 

Dean Lari