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By CVN Staff 

Moose hunt wraps up


October 14, 2010

The annual subsistence moose hunt ended Thursday with a harvest of 21 bulls, including three sub-legal kills. Two kills are under investigation.

Assistant area wildlife biologist Anthony Crupi said the hunt and antler configuration of harvested animals roughly matches averages in the past five years.

Six bulls had a spiked or forked antler configuration, eight had three brow tines on an antler and four had racks at least 50 inches wide. "We’re encouraged. It’s a good distribution of ages," Crupi said.

Bulls with spiked or forked antlers average 1.5 years in age, ones with three brow tines on one antler average 4.5 years and ones with 50-inch racks average 6.5 years. The antler restrictions are intended to optimize the number of bulls most likely to breed.

The average for the past five years includes 7.5 spiked or forked, 8.5 three-brow-tine, 4.5 with racks of 50 inches and three sublegal animals.

An incomplete tally showed the harvest came from the Kelsall (11); Kicking Horse (2); Katzehin (1); Chilkat Peninsula (1); Murphy Flats and Bear Flats. The harvest of one animal is being investigated for being taken outside of hunt dates.

Biologists will make a count of the local herd later this fall, when a backdrop of snow improves visibility. Last year’s survey found a herd of 183 animals, including 35 bulls for every 100 cows. The department goal is 20-25 bulls per 100 cows.