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By CVN Staff 

Shame on CVN for SEABA story


October 14, 2010

You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing "Chamber: SEABA is business of the year" masquerading as unbiased news. Instead of giving honest credit where it’s due, you spun the positive effects a locally owned business has on Haines and its worldly visitors to further the interests of a selfish minority. Printing blatant lies such as Paul Swanstrom’s claim that SEABA deliberately provokes other backcountry users is a disservice to everyone. Has Mr. Swanstrom forgotten about all the money he’s made from the heli-skiing business’ overflow? As a guide for SEABA, I take serious offense to absurdly false accusations. In spite of what some people would like to believe, as employees of SEABA, we make it our charter to provide the world’s greatest skiing while striving to minimize externalities on residents, wildlife, and the environment. I have a unique perspective that transcends dollar signs, assembly meetings, and skier days. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to see the glow on people’s faces when they’ve realized an experience they’ve dreamed of their entire lives. I get a feeling that can’t be described by words when a 65-year-old man skis up to me on a glacier and relates how he just had the best run of his life. I can only begin to imagine our clients’ sensations. Without mechanized access, namely helicopters, these opportunities would not exist for most people. Simply put, without heli-skiing, there would be almost no backcountry users deep in the mountains enjoying what Haines offers. 

Matthew Borish