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By CVN Staff 

Afraid of attitude if write-in succeeds


September 30, 2010

My son Ryan came to fish and visit Haines, Alaska after the loss of his mother in July. He was amazed at the beauty of Haines and the fishing was like none he had ever experienced. But what really got his attention was the friendliness of the town folk, until we ran into Karen Hess at her car wash. We had smoked a batch of fish in a Little Chief smoker and took the two-foot-wide by two-foot-tall smoker to the car wash to spray it off. After being in awe at the cost, $1.75 for three minutes (roughly $60 an hour), Karen came yelling, and I do mean yelling, at us as to why we would do something like that because of "all the grease and mess" in the smoker, which in no possible way could be more or worse than even just one tire on a car or truck. We felt belittled and thought if we ever made $60 an hour for anything, we would be willing to endure anything! I would think that she would bring this same attitude to our assembly, and that scares me.

Dean Lari