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September 23, 2010

Son David and daughter-in-law Kelly Ewing of Camas Valley, Ore, spent a week in Haines visiting mom Betty and Charles DeWitt, and helping them with many chores. David’s friend Jack Smith Sr. also helped. They visited with sister Patricia Peters and Auntie Vi Buel and with Kelly’s cousins Lane, Brad and Daniel Martin and with many other friends. They also spent a day and night in Juneau visiting David’s sister Joann Simpson and Joey and Janine Ludlam and baby Piper. They talked to Betty’s grandson Keri Ewing on Skype. Keri is teaching English in South Korea.

Lisa Cone was one of several Haines runners on out-of-town teams during the recent Klondike Road Relay. Lisa ran with a group of SEARHC dental employees, The Milers. Lisa ran the run’s seventh leg, 8.7 miles. Michael and Michelle Byer and Lyndsey Moore ran legs 1, 2 and 10, respectively, of the relay for the Screaming Riemers, a squad of old friends from Petersburg, Juneau, Kodiak and Portland, Ore.

Carlee Heinmiller said mirrors and other objects fell from her walls at University of Alaska-Anchorage during a 4.9-scale earthquake Monday centered southwest of the city. Carlee is a freshman business and design major who walked onto the women’s volleyball team. She’s red-shirted this year, meaning she practices with the team but likely won’t compete until next year. A lefty, Heinmiller’s a bonus for the team’s right side. "She already said she can’t wait to get back and show me everything she’s learned," said mom Judy Erekson, Haines’ volleyball coach. "The game gets a lot more technical at (the college) level."

Dalton Tuohy

Kelly Hostetler’s

big support on her Golden Circle run was husband Les. He logged about 200 miles, running alongside for many legs of the journey after having to miss Kelly’s first two days out of Skagway. was sent to Juneau Sept. 8 for an appendectomy, just one week before classmate Zeke Frank had his appendix removed. Dalton called mom Faith Tuohy, who was in Juneau for work. She took him seriously when he started talking about his appendix, and after a doctor’s confirmation in Haines, grandmother Gerri Dearent accompanied Dalton to Juneau and the appenedix came out the same night. Faith said all Dalton’s friends at school thought he was faking it, and later were worried that appendicitis might be contagious. The timing was fortuitous because Dalton is on the wrestling team and should make a full recovery before that season starts. 

Jim and Barbara Stevenson of Park City, Mont. arrived in Haines via the Alaska Highway on Sept. 11 in time to enjoy nine days of fabulous Indian Summer weather while visiting grandchildren Adam and Denise Quick. While here, they picked apples at the museum, canned applebutter, and played with great- grandchildren Elijah and Samarra

John Katzeek had two of his three grandaughters in town for three weeks. They enjoyed smoking fish, going to Skagway, and visiting family. They came up for a potlatch party for John’s mother, Isabell Katzeek, who passed away a year ago. The potlatch begins when the mourning songs by Eagles and Ravens are finished. Isabell would have loved it because everyone was having a good time, family members said. Sister-in-law Anna Katzeek was accompanied by her son, Harold Jacobs, during the visit. Other family members or friends included John and Linda Wynne, and from Canada, Jared Lutchman, Luke Johnson and family.