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By CVN Staff 

Duty of Native people is to take pride


July 1, 2010

It is our duty as Native people to take pride in who we are. We must protect our way of life and traditions or all will be lost if we don’t act now.

I must remind our people, our IRA is supposed to make sure this happens. That is the power of the council, who were chosen because we believed they’d do the job and be trusted. They have all power to manage and control economic enterprises of the association.

So I ask this: Why is a non-Native selling Devil’s Club products and also advertising right in our IRA office? He isn’t Native or even from here, but yet he’s using our medicine for his benefit and profits. Who gave him permission and taught him about this? The Devil’s Club is the emblem of SEARHC, which proves it’s a medicine we and other nations use. Is he a licensed doctor? As I say, this isn’t the way to show respect for the Native nations for healing and spiritual ceremonies! This is much shame and exploitation. We’ve already seen our art on display and for sale. Let’s not lose our way of life, after all, we are an indigenous people.

He should stop what he’s doing. Have some respect.

Phillip Jackson