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By CVN Staff 

Police Blotter


July 1, 2010

Monday, June 28

Police responded after a caller reported a person broke into their Fourth Avenue residence and was breaking things.

A caller reported a dump truck driving erratically into town with its blinkers on.

A caller reported eagles swooping down on something in the Chilkat River at 6.5 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers found a dead moose.

A person reported they were dropped off at a Fourth Avenue home while a person was going out drinking and driving. The caller wanted police to know they weren’t drinking.

Sunday, June 27

Police arrested a person near Small Tracts area after a caller requested help because their spouse was hurting them.

A caller on Fourth Avenue reported a person hit them in the head with their purse.

Saturday, June 26

An officer responded when a caller reported a vehicle blocking their driveway on Lynnview Drive.

A caller reported they backed into someone’s vehicle in a parking lot at an Old Haines Highway convenience store.

Friday, June 25

A person reported an abandoned vehicle parked in the driveway of their business near the post office and blocking traffic. The person was unaware that the vehicle owner had permission to park it there.

A caller reported a person regularly drove on the grass near their Fort Seward property. An officer responding found the area was a borough right-of-way.

An employee of a west side gas station reported a repeat caller was harassing them.

An officer responded to a report that an RV on Main Street was dumping gray water.

Thursday, June 24

Officers responded to a call that a man and woman on Lutak Road were yelling at each other and throwing things.

An officer responded to a report that a senior citizen had backed their vehicle into another one at an Old Haines Highway convenience store and had driven off.

A person reported an RV was parked in their driveway near Fort Seward.

Wednesday, June 23

A Mud Bay caller was referred to wildlife troopers after reporting having bear problems due to a neighbor’s livestock and compost.

A manager of a Fort Seward- area apartment complex reported a community vacuum cleaner was stolen.

An officer shot a Taser at a dog that charged him at Deishu after three other people reported the dog charging or trying to bite them. The dog’s owner was cited for allowing the dog to run.

Tuesday, June 22

A fireman responded when a caller reported a foul smell coming from the burn barrel of a neighbor near 1 Mile Haines Highway. The fireman advised a person not to burn plastic and Styrofoam.

A caller at a Fort Seward-area apartment complex reported someone tried to pry their vehicle open with pliers and a screwdriver during the night.

A caller reported a neighbor burning amid trees.

Troopers were advised after a caller reported an abandoned vehicle blocking traffic near the Porcupine Bridge.

A caller reported her ex-boyfriend was harassing her, her boyfriend, and friends.

An officer responded to someone setting off fireworks at Tanani Bay.

There were 24 doctors’ calls and 10 calls about dogs.