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By CVN Staff 

Blame for oil spill goes all around


June 10, 2010

Every thinking person is concerned about the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Alaskans have had a unique vantage point when it comes to oil spills, until now. All of America now shares our experience, and our fears. We are told that the Gulf leak could go on for months, maybe decades. The natural human impulse is to look for, and blame, those responsible. Our government? Possibly. BP? Apparently. Ourselves?  Definitely. The unpleasant truth is that we are all to blame. Hummer owners are easy targets, but so are all of us who own anything made of plastic, buy products in plastic bottles, or carry those items home in plastic bags. We wonder where American jobs went, yet it’s nearly impossible to buy shoes, clothes, toys, technology, or practically anything made in America.  It’s our selfish, insatiable hunger for cheap oil, cheap shoes, cheap everything that has compromised our environment and our future. Don’t dare ask for whom the bell tolls; the real question is, who’s ringing that bell? It’s human nature to look for someone to blame when it all goes wrong. The simple truth is, we have only to look in the nearest mirror. And yet, as terrible as it is, and will continue to be, if this situation wakes us up, then it hasn’t been all bad. It’s never too late to change. 

Mike Bradac