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By CVN Staff 

Police Blotter


May 20, 2010

Monday, May 17

A caller reported the Port Chilkoot Dock rest rooms were not locked during the night.

A caller reported construction zones on Third Avenue, Union Street and Young Road were a hazard because no flaggers were present.

A caller was worried for children’s safety after a youth threw a .22 bullet into a barbecue.

A caller reported a large brown bear near 3 Mile Haines Highway was causing their dog to bark.

Sunday, May 16

A caller reported seeing lights and hearing rap music out at the golf course during the night. Officer responded.

A caller requested an officer go to their house and speak with their 16-year-old son who was giving them problems.

A caller reported a vehicle going up and down Fourth Avenue all day and that drinking may be involved. An officer responded.

Department of Transportation was advised after a person reported a "New Age" sticker that was offensive had been stuck on a highway sign near the ferry terminal.

A caller reported travelers from Fairbanks were overdue. They were advised to file a missing persons report with state troopers.

Saturday, May 15

A new employee reported they didn’t have a key to lock a downtown business building. Building owners were advised.

Public works was notified after callers from Young Road reported low water pressure.

A caller reported someone got their gas at a gas station and drove off without paying. Police contacted the driver, who returned and paid.

Troopers were advised after a caller reported a vehicle speeding at the end of Lutak Road.

Friday, May 14

A caller requested a person to be removed from their Fourth Avenue home.

A park ranger reported a vehicle broken down at 14.5 Mile Haines Highway. Family members were notified.

Thursday, May 13

Public works was advised after a caller reported water running down Young Road.

A caller reported a child standing up in a vehicle downtown, looking out the sun roof.

Public works was advised after a caller reported a birch tree limb hanging over Young Road.

A caller reported a vehicle speeding up Mount Riley Road.

A caller reported a female passed out on the sidewalk downtown.

Wednesday, May 12

DOT was advised after an officer reported a speed limit sign down on Beach Road and a school bus loading zone sign down on Mud Bay Road.

An officer spoke with people who were parking along Haines Highway at the zero mile marker.

A caller reported a vehicle was driven recklessly on Lutak Road and had run over survey markers.

Tuesday, May 11

A caller reported a borough vehicle blocking a fire hydrant at the Small Boat Harbor.

There were 11 calls about dogs.